Thursday, August 16, 2012

WOW! What a GREAT Day!

If you ask him, Haime will tell you that all Thursdays are Great days. Haime is a golfer and he has played with the (generally) same group of guys since the mid-70s. They are a hoot to be around. The group has transformed more in the last 7 years than it had in the previous 27. Some members have died, others no longer play the game and a few, like really mature men do on occasion, got twisted and quit the group. You will recognize them immediately if you happen to be on the course with them. They are the slowest moving group on the course. You see, they are really gamblers, posing as golfers and they cheat! So, they basically hover over each other's ball to be sure that they don't break any sacred golf rules in an effort to minimize the cheating...whatever. So, this being Thursday, Haime had a Great day.

I have to admit, since retiring almost a year ago, days are all about the same to me. I am usually engrossed in some project, (yes, there will be posts about projects coming soon,) or off on an adventure, or catching up with the household administrative tasks that I'm not crazy about but must be done. Today was a combination of the first and third of those tasks. My projects were nearly all computer-based. I compiled, edited and published a book for my niece that chronicled our recent trip together; I updated a similar book (part of a series that I do every year for my grandson); finished work on an Adirondack chair and worked in my garden. Since I really enjoy all of the projects, having the opportunity to work on them would have made for a good day. BUT, I had a GREAT day!

They (whoever the infamous "they" is) say things happen in threes and my GREAT day certainly had three GREAT parts.

First: my season tickets to Texas A&M football arrived today. WHOOP! Yes, I know that certainly wouldn't put any sparks in some of you, and we Aggies are accustomed to making allowances for the less fortunate of our friends who misguidedly cheer for other schools. (Yes folks, the trash-talking has started!)

Secondly: I haven't mentioned my son's yet, I have two. I am proud beyond words of each of them! The older one, Chipper, graduated from Texas A&M in 2006. He is the manager/supervisor of a metal recycling yard, a job usually associated with much older, more experienced individuals. Those of us who have known him forever know he is a natural leader and were not surprised when he was promoted to his position. Any kid who earns his Eagle Scout badge at the ripe old age of 13 is a pretty amazing person. He is a hard worker and leads by example. Some of the people he supervises are his mom's age and older and he has earned their respect and loyalty.

Boo graduated from Texas A&M in May of this year. Boo's education was a roller-coaster ride at times. He started at a local community college to get his core classes completed. After about 2/3s of the first semester, he arrived at my office one day and announced that he was done; as in, been there/done that, not going back. I decided that my first reaction was probably not going to get us anywhere; you know the one...("what the hell do you mean you're not going back?!") so I took a breath and we had a chat. As it turns out, he decided that he needed a break so he stayed out a semester and went back in the fall. Fortunately, as he continued to take classes and worked full-time, something amazing happened; Boo grew up. He was accepted into Texas A&M's Ag. Leadership and Development program (think business and management with an Ag. focus). After graduation, he received a job offer with an oil & gas related company and he loves it.

So the second GREAT thing that happened today was, we received notice that Boo was nominated for membership in a national leadership organization. Its like an outward sign of validation for him that even though he had a shaky start, he has certainly proven to himself (his hardest critic) and everyone else that he made it...WHOOP! GREAT job Boo! 

Thirdly: I have some amazing friends! You know that song from Wicked that goes:     
"I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you"?

(I love that song). Anyway, God has Blessed me with several people to whom those lyrics apply. One of them, J, phoned me today. I've know J for probably 20 years. We taught together and it seemed like the first time we met, we were immediate friends. We teased each other and supported each other and stayed friends through years and miles. He is one of about three men that I call "the big brother I never had." Unfortunately, my marriage to my sons' father did not last. J was the person I called for help when my sons needed a man to teach them things like the finer points of throwing and catching baseballs, (apparently they were afraid that if they listened to me, they'd end up throwing like a girl--whatever); and catching/releasing/cleaning fish, (I'll bait a hook but I'm not touching a fish and forget cleaning one!). He's been around for a lot.

Right before Boo graduated, I was visiting with J and his wonderful wife B and soon plans were made to grill the chickens for Boo's party at their place. Well, the chickens were perfect (and the beer cold). A couple of days after the party, Boo went out to thank J for his help and they sat and visited for hours.
Well, J called me today just to tell me that he thought I had done a GREAT job raising my sons. WOW! Of course I accused him of having some terrible disease and trying to make amends with God for all the teasing he had given me over the years. He denied it. Instead, he said that he knew a lot of the circumstances of their upbringing and he just wanted me to know that he thought I had done a GREAT job. WOW! I love you even more J, thanks.

WOW, What a GREAT Day!



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