Friday, August 10, 2012

Acute Booty-lock...

Our trek continued from Boise, through Idaho, into and through Utah via Salt Lake.  As we neared the southern border of Utah and Colorado, we elected not to go through Arches National Park...mostly because after spending, virtually all day in the car, we were all suffering from various stages of booty-lock and just wanted to get to Durango ASAP.  We did drive through some amazing sculptural scenery.  The red rock in the area is simply stunning by itself.  But, venture a little farther down the road and you can't help but appreciate God's sculptural master pieces along the road.
Wilson's Arch. Utah
For those of you who haven't visited Southern Utah, especially  
Arches National Park, you really should plan a trip.  You will not believe the beautiful and gravity-defying natural wonders there.  Each
"arch" seems to be out done only by the next one.  I was so glad we found "Wilson's Arch" right beside the road for my niece and sister to see.  They definitely need to plan a trip out here again and I suggest they spend at least a week in each of the "highlights" that we've seen so far.

As we made our way to Durango, CO, our plan was to stop at "Four Corners."  This is the only place in the U.S. where the borders of four states come together in one point.  Therefore, it is possible to be in four places at once.  Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona share this honor.  Finally, we got to get out of the car for several minutes (a little more time than it takes to put gas in the tank) and get some blood pumping to our back-sides.   An interesting little tidbit.  Four Corners is actually located on land owned by the Navajo Nation so I think that puts us in five places at once...things that make you go hmmmm.
(The Road Warriors, or as a friend more aptly put it, "Thelma and Louise and accomplices" at Four Corners Monument).

Soon we were back in the car and headed for Durango.  As we approached Durango from the West, we were treated to more spectacular wonders.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we never doubted that God was with us and showed Himself to us on multiple occasions through the people we met along the way; through the scenery that touched our hearts and spirits and through our relationship with each other.  The sunset that He showed us on that beautiful evening just west of Durango was clearly a spectacular way for Him to tell us good night.
I thought I'd share a poor photographic representation of it with you.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more...




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