Wednesday, August 8, 2012

"Aunt Lois, you have really nice friends..."

We passed from N. Cali to Oregon without any car drama...whoo hoo!
My goal was to get as far north as a midpoint between Eugene and Portland for the night but again, mutiny threatened so we stopped near Eugene. One of the "atta girls" for the day, I must admit, was that when we stopped and dined at one of the Black Bear restaurants, (really good "home-cooking) none of us ordered one of their very tempting desserts! Say it with me..."atta girls."

Enjoying the view with
one of the cats.
The next morning, we drove into Portland and to my friend J's house. J and I have been friends since high school. She lives in an amazing house in the hills near the rose garden of Portland and welcomed us with open arms. J has two cats and, upon entering the house, my niece was immediately captivated by these frisky felines. As is her way, J had the website for the Science Center of the Pacific up on her computer when we arrived so we could order our tickets for the King Tut exhibit for the next day; had snacks and coffee ready for our enjoyment and was the perfect hostess.  After a short visit at the house, and knowing we were women with on a mission, J took us on a short tour of Portland, complete with rose garden and of course the waterfront.  After lunch, we trooped all over the waterfront area in search of an "Oregon" key chain for my niece. Of course, we were not successful so, J promised to send one to her as soon as possible. (Ever true to her word, the key chain arrived almost before we were back in TX).

The Road Warriors on
the waterfront in Portland
All too soon, we were on our way once more to see a long-dead Egyptian's exhibit in Seattle. Since we had arranged to meet up with some of my friends at each of our last "BIG" stops, I think my niece figured that this was a pattern that we'd repeat throughout the next few days because she asked if I had any friends in Seattle that we'd be visiting. I told her that I didn't and asked her why she asked that question. The answer, "Aunt Lois, you have really nice friends..."

Thanks friends, love ya, 


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