Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Split second of fame...

We are happy to report that our Thanksgiving (week) was GREAT!

That is, for most of us it was great, Haime had a sinus infection and grumbled his way through most of week. Of course, to add insult to infection, he didn't get to play golf last week, then he learned that one of his  golfing buddies broke his leg (again), and will be out for an indeterminate amount of time. Poor Haime. He followed up the buzz-kill of Thanksgiving week by having a colonoscopy today. His is such an exciting life.

Speaking solely for myself then, I had a GREAT Thanksgiving. We generally have our Thanksgiving meal at lunch, as we did this year. All of my sisters and most of their families were gathered around the table(s) and, while there is usually some drama involved when families gather, we seemed to make it through the festivities with relatively little of that this year. The food was spectacular, the wine plentiful, (possibly the reason the drama was held to a minimum), and the company enjoyable. One of the highlights was getting to Skype my niece, Sarah, who is in Leeds, England. You just have to love technology!

Rather than participate in any "Black Friday" craziness, my sister Janet and I went to see Lincoln. Let me just say WOW! Haime and I used to go the the movies often but recently, we just don't seem to take the time or, we don't agree on which movies to see, or there are just none that either of us think are worth attending. This one is worth seeing, (possibly multiple times). If there are not multiple Oscar nominations for this flick, I will be very disappointed. Daniel Day-Lewis...INCREDIBLE. Of course the mid-nineteenth century insults are worth the price of admission on their own.

On Saturday, yep, you guessed it, I was bound for God's Country for the final regular season game for A&M's football team this year. We played MIZZOU and won...(WHOOP!). My sister Karen attended the game with me and we enjoyed the game, the cool weather and each other's company. Toward the end of the fourth quarter, my cell phone started going crazy with repeated "incoming text message" notifications. Then Karen's did the same. Of course, being a mom, my first thought was "uh-oh, what terrible thing has happened?" Well, as it turns out, Karen and I had our faces broadcast to the entire ESPN-watching world. My friend, Annette, took the pic the the left from her television screen and sent it to me later. So, if my split second of fame, (having my homely mug broadcast uninvited to your screen...(no I'm not smiling at the young man's pit...)) caused any of your televisions to instantaneously combust, blame ESPN. I have to admit, I thought it was kinda cool.  



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