Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Counting Blessings...

For those of us fortunate enough to reside in the U.S., Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow. Thanksgiving is possibly my favorite holiday. To be honest, for years my joy over Thanksgiving came from the once a year chance to eat my mother's dressing. I'm not a big turkey fan, for me, its ALL about the dressing! In recent years, however, (possibly because since I'm closer to 80 than to 20), the joy I feel during this time of year is tied to the love I have for my family and friends. Unfortunately, my son Reece will not be with us tomorrow. While we will all miss seeing his devilish grin, he is safe and healthy and happy and will join us for a "late Thanksgiving" dinner next week...(we get dressing twice this year!) 

We are expecting a very full house tomorrow. Between my four sisters, their husbands and children, mom, Haime, my son Chipper and his wife Mallory and their son (the most amazing grandson in the world!), and me, we'll feed about 20ish. My niece, Sarah, will also be absent. She is in a "study abroad" program this semester. We are all very proud of her. I just don't think I would have had the self-confidence, courage and fortitude to live overseas by myself when I was 21. I am sure she can expect turkey and dressing when she comes home in a couple of months. (I may have to meet her at DFW and get in on the dressing in Dallas too!)

During Thanksgiving, we are called upon to count our blessings and to be thankful for all the gifts we have received. Of course we should never take for granted our health, employment, housing, etc, but I believe it is the people in our lives who are the truest blessings. I found this cartoon the other day and it just made me laugh. Riches are a common dream among many of us. We all have friends who work crazy hours at their jobs in the hopes of saving enough money to...
I know some people who play the lottery every day and spend more money on it as the jackpot dollars increase in the hopes of winning enough money to...

When I chose to retire at a relatively early age, the only riches I could count on are those listed to the right, above. You know, I'm fine with that. 

So to all of you viewers of this blog, thanks for taking a minute or two to read. You are a blessing to me. To my family and friends, (the regular reading of this blog is mandatory for them), you are my truest blessings. I love you each and all. 

Now, off to find the "stretchy pants" so I can be comfortable after attacking mom's dressing tomorrow.



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