Monday, November 5, 2012

I Elect to Ignore Expectations

So apparently November is like "national-post-a-blog-everyday-month." WHAT? I didn't know when I started this thing that it came with built in expectations. I mean what if I did a "procrastinators" blog...I guess I'd eventually get around to writing something but certainly there would not be an expectation of a blog post a day for that. Then, what if I got hit by a bus...(why is it always a bus? Why couldn't it be a smart car? Either way, I think being hit by any sort of motorized vehicle would put a damper on my day.) At any rate, you should probably not expect to see a "blog-a-day" from me regardless of the expectations for such from the "blogger police." I'm just not interesting enough to come up with something worth writing about that often (or now, really.)

Tomorrow is FINALLY election day. GEEZ, this has been the longest, bloodiest, nastiest, most stomach turning, lie packed campaign from both candidates to date! I took advantage of early voting (in case I got hit by a bus and wasn't able to vote on the actual election day), so I could cancel Haime's vote. I've written about the fact that we are often at opposite ends of the spectrum on many things and politics is another example. I have to say though, this year, were the race not virtually tied, I would have mounted a campaign of my own to have "Daffy Duck" or "Miss Piggy" written in as a better choice than the ones we were given. I have been so appalled by the half-truths, mud slinging, fact twisting and blatant lies perpetuated by both sides during this election that I just want the whole thing to be over with! I am not alone. This past Sunday, the homily message was on tolerance, love and acceptance. The message was given by our deacon and he did an awesome job tying in the Gospel's message of loving our neighbors and our enemy's, with the need for healing our nation after this very divisive campaign. Good job Victor! I seldom engage in political discussions, and I will not do so here other than to say that I am very fearful that the division in our country that has been a result of this awful campaign will not heal.



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