Tuesday, September 15, 2015


This isn't one of my normally light hearted posts so you might want to skip this one...

"Change is our only constant." Normally, I like change. New experiences, new opportunities, new ways of learning, doing, hearing, new friends, etc. generally, I see change as a good thing. Whether its my short attention span or my disdain for all things boring, I tend to embrace changes that lead me down different paths or stretch my imagination or test my talents.

One area of my life, however that resists change is in my relationships. While I tend to be guarded in my relationships, once one crosses into the "friend" column for me, they are there for life. For me, "friend" is sacred. I actually have very few people that I'd put into that category. Now, lest you think of me as anti-social, let me explain. I have lots of acquaintances. These are people whose company I enjoy and with whom I would enjoy conversation and socialization in group settings. We laugh together, share stories and have fun. These people are not my friends, they are acquaintances.

With my friends, I share my soul.

I have difficulty dealing with emotional issues. I am much more comfortable with solving logistical, mechanical and physical problems and hurts. If there is a situation that involves figuring out how to make something happen or to remedy a situation that does not require an emotional solution, I'm your girl. I fix things.

My heartache comes from relationships that I can not fix. While I know and understand that relationships change, and I accept that my acquaintances will drift in and out of my life, when friends break away, a part of my heart is damaged. Most recently, a friend has drifted. This friend touched my soul from the minute we met. I recognized something in them that felt like a puzzle piece had slipped into place and now, the piece is slipping away and I feel the loss. Please don't interpret this friendship as anything more than a purely platonic, true FRIENDSHIP. It has been a gift and I am saddened that it is changing. I want to fix it but I just don't have the tools.

On a much lighter, happier note. Two couples who are definitely friends have relocated much closer to us. Candee and Bob have moved 1500 miles closer and are now within easy walking distance to us. Candee will definitely be a project buddy and I can't wait to learn some new hobbies from her. Jim and Kathy have moved just across the river so Kathy and I are looking forward to many more chances to sit and sip and Haime couldn't be happier that he has two more people with whom he can play golf .

Yes, change happens. People come in and out of our lives and its important that we make sure that they know how much we love them while they are a part of us. 

Thanks for sticking with me,


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