Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Don't Ick on my WOW!

I am a woman with many, MANY, diverse interests. There is basically a nearly inexhaustible list of things that I like, am interested in, fascinated by, find pleasure with, and bring me joy. I am drawn to all kinds and medium of art, I love adventure, travel feeds my soul and working with my hands makes me feel accomplished. In short, I am constantly "WOWed".
Recently, some friends and I travelled by cruise ship some ports in the Western Caribbean. For me, cruising is best when you have lots of ports to visit. I love to explore. Well, during our "sea days," I was drawn to the art auctions. Now, I realize that these copies of prints by cruise-ship-associated artists will never be priceless heirlooms to be passed from
generation to generation, I enjoy the auctions and have, on occasion, made purchases. I must say, however, that I am not enamored with all of the art on display for your possible purchasing pleasure. Some, in my opinion is simply hideous! I am always amazed at what some people go "gaga" for. It's true, I've learned, that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Anyway, my friends Candee and Bob were with me on this most recent cruise and patiently sat with me through some of the auctions. We were discussing the interesting choices of some of the fellow patrons when they told me what an auctioneer had cautioned the patrons at an auction that they had attended. Prior to the start of the auction, the auctioneer identified some typical ground rules then added one that she indicated was the most important: "Don't Ick anyone else's Wow." I LOVE that!
Think about all of the hurt feelings and silly squabbles and potential break-ups that could be prevented if we all agreed not to Ick each other's WOW! Now, of course we must draw the line on when Icks must be given, (and there are times when they must be given...), one should always try and Ick a girlfriend's wow when said girlfriend is attracted to Larry-the-Loser, for example. Oh and if the person with whom you may share a bed/apartment/house etc. wants to hang some ridiculously dark and depressing monstrosity in your shared space because said monstrosity makes a "statement," this must also be Icked! Yes, I know, you are thinking that "Lois, you  just admitted to the beauty in the eye, thing." So, lets agree that when hanging "statement" pieces in a shared space, the vote should be unanimous.
Some of you, regular readers, know that I suffer from chronic wanderlust. I must travel. It is as important to me as chocolate chip cookies to the Cookie Monster. Now, depending on which side of the argument I want to take, for better or worse, Hymie does not share my need to see the world. He is more than content to stay at home where he can piddle and maintain his daily routines and sleep on his side of his own bed. Fortunately, Hymie does not "Ick my Wow" when I am compelled to get my travel fix. He is not always "over the moon" with my destination choices and sometimes my timing needs to be adjusted, but as long as I don't travel alone, (and he feels much better when my mom steps in as my travel buddy), and I promise to come home, he is fine with me having my travel WOW. The biggest Ick to the travel WOW, for me is rude people. Whether its a rude clerk, a fellow traveler who causes the rest of us to be late due to their refusal to arrive at a departure location on time, a rude waiter, etc., rude people definitely "Ick my WOW!"
I hope that you find this catchy little idiom as cool as I do and that you consider using it yourself and even if you don't, please just don't "ick MY wow!"

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