Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Friend, My Sister...

"the sistas"
Bob, Troy (Candee and Bob's
son), and Haime
If you are lucky enough to have a friend who touches your soul, you are truly blessed. I am extremely blessed, because I have about four such friends. These are the people that you choose to be a part of your family. You may not see them much, or often, but you know that you can count on them to "just be there" for you, or to provide some much needed help, (or bail money...just saying), and when you do see or speak to them after some time, you just pick up where you left off, as if no time has passed. As you probably surmised, Candee is one of those friends for me and getting to see her, and her hubby, Bob, really feels like getting to spend time with beloved family.

Candee retired after nearly 40 years of teaching the children of California, and Bob was throwing her a "retirement bash." That "bash" was the impetus for our trip west. It was great seeing old friends and coworkers and getting to know some of the "non-education" people who are important to Candee.

It's funny, when you don't see people for an extended period of time, their image is frozen in your brain from your last encounter. To be honest, most of the attendees, that I knew, hadn't changed much AT ALL!
Oh, sure, there were, in some cases a few more, or fewer pounds that had "taken residence;" or a couple of additional "silver threads." Of course, as is normal, the ones that had changed the most were the younger attendees. The children of some coworkers who came to wish Candee well as she starts this next phase of her life. These "kids" were definitely no longer kids! They were married, one with a CUTIE little girl and the other, with "one on the way."  

It was so much fun getting to reconnect and catch up with what is happening in each other's lives. Thanks, Bob for organizing this "affair-to-remember!" I can't wait to spend parts of the "next chapter" with both of you.



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