Sunday, June 15, 2014

Let the Partying BEGIN! Day 2...

You'll remember that our "westward ho" road trip had an "interesting" start...we had some "issues" with our ride. Well, we arrived at O'Rielly (yes I know, they spell it wierdly but it's their name so I guess they can spell it however they'd like) Chevrolet's service department at 6:30 and waited; and waited; and waited; and waited; and waited...fortunately, I spent the first two hours finishing a book. Unfortunately, with each tic of the clock, after finishing my book, I grew increasingly agitated. (I don't do sit and wait well, in fact, I don't do anything and wait well, mostly, I don't do wait well at all). I kept pestering Haime to go talk to the service manager to get status updates...he wouldn't do it. He actually tried convincing me that the mechanics were artists and that you just couldn't rush an artist...silly Haime! Then, just as I was about to lose what little control I had, and start smashing things with a chair, the manager told us that our car was ready...after we paid our bill, that is.

FINALLY, at about 11:30, we were back on the interstate, heading west once more. We were only about 8 hours behind schedule but we were in one piece, (no run ins with gypsy-terrorist-outlaws), the car was working perfectly and we were each still content to have the other in the car.

When we got past Phoenix, we phoned Haime's high school buddies to inform them that our arrival was delayed. I told Haime that I thought we'd be at our hotel in Newport Beach at about 7:00 PM, he said he thought it would be closer to 11...(I think he was planning to drive to San Diego, have dinner at Seaport village then drive up the coast...whatever). Anyway, we planned to call them once we reached Orange County so they could decide for themselves whether they wanted to join us for dinner of if they thought it was going to be too late. With each passing mile, Haime became more convinced that he was not going to get to see his old buddies and he became more morose, the more he thought about it. We parked our car at the hotel at 6:54 (I was a little off).
As is usual for worriers, Haime was wrong to worry. Literally, as we walked into the lobby, Kent, one of Haime's friends called to say that he and his wife, Kay were in the bar and that they'd just wait for us there...silly Haime! Ralph and his wife Annie arrived soon afterwards and joined us for drinks and we all walked across the street for a wonderful dinner. They are AWESOME people and we thoroughly enjoyed their visit. OMG, the stories they share of the "adventures" they had as younger men and women are hysterical! (Of course, after hearing some of them, it's truly a wonder that they are all still more details can be shared here due to possible statutes of limitation still in effect). Thanks for an incredible evening to a very LONG day, we love you guys!
los tres amigos and their ladies



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