Saturday, December 15, 2012

Shared pain

I went to a funeral today for a man that I did not know particularly well. He and his wife are members of our church and his wife is a member of a church organization to which I belong. Additionally, I went to elementary and high school with one of his wife's sisters. It just seemed right today that I attend the funeral mass. During the homily, the priest talked about us being under two clouds today. The first, the cloud of grief for the family and friends of the man, Louis, whose funeral we were attending; the second cloud was a bigger cloud, one that engulfed the world as we mourn the horribly tragic slaughter of innocent children and adults at Sandy Hook elementary school yesterday. 

Louis, the priest went on, was a devoted husband, father and he was especially devoted to his only grandchild. Father Dennis, our priest, painted a picture of this devoted grandfather embracing all of the innocent children and comforting them with the knowledge that they are all surrounded by our Savior's love and light for all eternity.

Clearly I cannot give justice to the beautiful image painted for us, but I can tell you that there was not a dry eye in the place.

Hug your children a little tighter, whether they are babies or adults. Hug your friends, family members and be sure that all those you love, know that you love them. Pray for the families of those involved. Pray for all of us as we try and make sense of this nightmare.

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