Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's the Hap...Happiest Season of All...

I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan but I'm also not a big fan of "slap stick" or the "stupid comedy" so prevalent today. (Geez, I sound like an old bitty...) I love comedy but I just can't get into the typical Will Ferrell (or Jim Carey for example) type of comedy. At any rate, I LOVE Will Ferrell's movie Elf. So, put yourself into the Elf mindset and say it with me..."Santa's coming, Santa's coming. I know him!"

I'm also a BIG fan of Christmas. I totally get into the whole thing. I decorate everything,
 (yes, including the bathrooms and laundry room). Even more than fall, (see my earlier posts), I love the smells, the sounds, the tinsel, the decorations, the lights, the palpable feelings of excitement and anticipation, and the thrill of the hunt. For me, the hunt is more than finding the perfect present for everyone, it's the hunt for finding the Spirit of Christmas in as many places as I can. It's the hunt for like-minded individuals who are bursting with the Spirit of Christmas and who, by just being around, spread their joy to the rest of us. It's the taking time to enjoy friends and family, just because you love them and want to be around them. It's attending Advent masses and retreats and getting your spiritual life in-order so "remembering the reason for the season" has deeper meaning every year. I love listening to Carter tell us what he wants Santa to bring him. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! One of my favorite things to do for Christmas, when my boys were growing up, was to attend their school Christmas programs. Whether they were part of the chorus, or played in the band, or had some part in one of the plays, school Christmas programs are too cool. They are one of life's constants and are not to be missed. This year was Carter's first Christmas program. His age group of children can only be described as perfect. When they came out in their reindeer antlers, (and reindeer tails), they stole the show. (Of course, this Nana might be a bit biased---NOT).

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my mom's with my 4 sisters and there families (except my niece, Sarah, who is still in the UK--we missed her). Most of us attended mass together beforehand then went to mom's for tamales, chili and all the fixin's. Today, Haime and I attended mass (again for me) and Reece and his girlfriend joined us. We met Chipper, Mallory and Carter at our house for breakfast and presents then everyone (my sisters and their families) came to our house for Christmas lunch. I love being around those I love for Christmas (and everytime we can arrange it). As we celebrate Christmas this year, we are ever mindful of the families who will not be together and we offer our prayers for them.

 From our family to yours, Haime and I wish you all a very Merry, Wonder-filled, Joyful Christmas.

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