Sunday, September 30, 2012

Normalcy returns...almost

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting, that is, different, err...out of the ordinary, well, you get the picture. You'll recall that we changed our plans about visiting Mustang Island because Haime contracted pneumonia (some people go to extremes for attention). Well, he followed that up with a sinus infection (another attention-getting ploy, no doubt). Anyway, he's better; I may have to check myself into Betty Ford, however...just kidding. So, playing nurse-Nancy put quite a crimp into my normal happy-go-lucky lifestyle. I am very pleased to say that things are beginning to get back to normal.  To prove my point, I was able to return to my Yoga class last week.

In an earlier post, I told you about my beginning Yoga. OK, let me refresh your memory with a little illustration: 

Do I rock this pose or what?
Well, the class meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about an hour each day. I'm sure many of you are avid Yoga enthusiasts...good for you! Now for the rest of you, who may be like me and are happy when you can tie your own shoe without falling out of the chair because you've lost your balance, let me tell you a bit about my Yoga class.  There are two instructors, a different one each day. The Tuesday instructor looks around the room, sees what she is dealing with and adapts accordingly. She puts us through the same tortuous twisting, bending, "breathing-through-your-aching-buttocks" poses as the Thursday instructor, but she is much more merciful with the amount of time we hold each pose. Well, after having missed about 3 weeks of lessons, I returned to the Thursday class last week. WOW! Let me spare you the awful details and just say that my legs we shaking as if in a full-blown epileptic seizure. I'm telling you if I would have had to hold the "barking-dog-on-a-mountain-in-warrior-two-picking-a-sunflower-out-of-a-reverse-swan-dive" for even an additional millisecond, I would have been written up in several medical journals. Then Friday, when I woke-up (after a hydrocodone-induced sleep), I was temporarily panicked that I was paralyzed until I realized that true paralysis is not painful. Basically, I crawled through most of my morning but eventually was able to move to nearly vertical slide-walk. By today, I'm certain I'll be back to the gym tomorrow for the weight-circuit and treadmill then Yoga on Tuesday. In the event any of you happen to run into me after one of the next few Yoga classes, please mention that I seem to be much more limber than I used to be...little lies are welcome right now.

Sore muscles or not, hell yes I was in God's Country (Aggieland) yesterday to watch my beloved Aggies BTHO Arkansas! To be fair, the Arkansas football team has had some pretty poor examples, in recent coaches, of how responsible adults behave. So, was the team up to the standard that they might have been otherwise? Possibly not, but hey, I'll take a win! For those who might not live in Texas, let me try and put this into perspective. You see, in Texas, football is nearly as sacred as a religion. For Texas Aggies, Kyle field is our church and it is common knowledge that God resides in College Station.

Yep, Normalcy has returned to my little neck of the woods...the trash-talking is back! 

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  1. "barking-dog-on-a-mountain-in-warrior-two-picking-a-sunflower-out-of-a-reverse-swan-dive" is not going to visit my person any time soon!