Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Just getting you "caught-up"

I've been asked why I haven't posted to this blog recently. The honest answer is that I just haven't. Life in our little corner of the world has been interesting, crazy, full, busy...well you get the idea. From July through Christmas, I often felt like I was in the front car of a roller coaster, speeding out of control while my hair was on fire, (picture that, why don'tcha). Honestly, I love the chaotic pace. It keeps me on my toes and prevents boredom.

Let me give you the "Reader's Digest" version of our lives since July.
We welcomed two new grand's. Haime's grandson is a proud papa of Haime's first great-grand. She is a beautiful little girl. Unfortunately, she and her family live about 1500 miles east of us. About a week later, we welcomed another beautiful little girl, my granddaughter. Our hearts are bursting! Then, after spending every weekend, (literally), and most week days, hunting, buying, refurbishing and building items for our annual church festival, (thanks Candee and Bob for helping nearly every step along the way), we auctioned off our treasures and waved goodbye to that business at the end of September.

October consisted of travel and  weddings. First mom and I took a cruise to two ports in Canada then to Maine and Rhode Island. I'm so glad that she is back to her old self and is able to be my "travel buddy again." Haime and I  literally had three weddings on three consecutive weekends. One
of those weekends was Reece and Chelsea's wedding. We all had a job to do and I think we did them well.

Haime and I travelled to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia. We visited his daughter and her husband in their beautiful home which is a repurposed barn; did a bit of touring and attended his grandson's renewal of wedding vows ceremony. The countryside was breathtaking, the ceremony beautiful and it was great to get away for a little R & R. By then it was time to ready our home for the holidays, and host friends for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Mom and I travelled to Arkansas to watch my nephew walk the stage as he graduated from the University in Fayetteville. To say he was excited would be a GROSS understatement. We are all very proud of him. We returned just in time to celebrate Christmas with mom's siblings and their families as we do every year. The turnout was smaller than we would have liked but those of us that braved the crazy cold weather had a great time.

Of course Christmas followed. It was fabulous. We celebrated with family and friends so the love was tangible.

A funny thing happened after New Years...I awoke to NO PLANS! That is to say, no one was making demands of my time. I had no deadlines for project completion. No projects that I'd started and needed to finish...NOTHING! It was wonderful...for a day. Then I found myself in a funk. I was bored. I had crashed from months of  non-stop activity and I was not handling it well. So after a couple of days of starting clear closets and drawers, I found a new project...

I found that I had way to many leftover fabric pieces from previous projects this year. I decided that I was not going to be a "crazy fabric hoarder lady," (I come from a line of such people so I recognized the beginnings of the ailment). I decided to put those leftovers to use and pieced them together in a quilt top. Then, in the spirit of "using what I have," I cut apart several pairs of old sweat pants and shirts, sewed them to each other and used them for the "batting." The backing of the quilt is an old sheet. It is possibly the worst quilting job I've ever done because the thing is "HEAVY" and I used my $99 machine that I purchased at Wal~mart several years ago. The top looks pretty good and it is WARM! I won't share with you the nickname I gave this little endeavor, suffice it to say that it reflects the crazy number of hours required to finish it.

In the end, it did the job. My funk is passed and I'm ready to hit the ground running. I've started walking again, though I will not be going back to Spain this year. In fact, this is going to be a year of "stay-cations." I've challenged myself to rebuild my travel budget and see how much money I can save simply by reusing, repurposing, reinventing and reducing. So, the yard and gardens will probably look better than they have in years and I plan to tackle some more of the projects that I've saved on Pinterest and I'm boarding the "diet wagon" again (probably should be called the yo-yo wagon).

So, if you have a project with which you need help, or ideas for fun adventures for a stay-cationer...give me a shout.

Happy new year everyone.

Love and Hugs

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