Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Then, I Hit a Wall...

If you know me at all, you know that I NEED lots of sleep. As a rule, I work best with no fewer than 8 hours per night and if I can get 9...I'm GOLDEN! Well it wasn't happening for me, beginning the night before we left home. I managed about 4 hours that night. Then, didn't sleep at all again until a mid-afternoon nap about 23 hours later. After that, I was getting about 6 hours. Well, it caught up with me. I woke up for our second full days hike and knew immediately that something was wrong. I was not feeling well AT ALL! (Apparently, I wasn't looking well either.) I debated with, and argued with myself for over an hour after I got up that morning. I really did not want to miss any of the sights and adventures of the day. However, I learned to listen to my body. I really wanted to be able to finish the hike and knew that I'd probably just get worse if I pushed myself so I finally decided to take a rest day. I told "the Pauls" that I wasn't felling well and asked if I could just hang out with them in the vans for the day. Paul Sr. said that, a better plan would be for him to take me to our hotel for that night and let me just recoup there. (The pic above is not our hotel, rather the remains of a house in the village of Vega de Valcarce).

On the way to the hotel, we stopped in a pretty little village, Vega de Valcarce, for a coffee then continued to O Cebreiro. The scenery was majestic! I really have no words to describe incredible beauty. 
The village of O Cebreiro was founded by the Celts. That is easily identifiable by the

 rounded, thatched-roof building that greats you as you enter the village. The village itself is very small, a beautiful little church, (the pics are below), a couple of shops a coffee bar and a cafĂ© are about all that you'll find there. However, the people are incredibly friendly and really make you feel welcomed.


 After a quick stop in O Cebreiro, we continued toward Sarria and our hotel. Paul made one final stop on the way at the statue below which depicts a peregrino fighting the wind, (see below), atop a mountain. The wind was a force to be reckoned here so the statue was on point.  

All along the way, we saw farms and small dairies in operation. Below is an example of just one of several herders that we encountered.  

So, we got to our hotel and behold: our luggage was there to great us! I can't tell you how much relief and joy I felt just seeing my suitcase! Anyway, I checked in, went to my room and crashed! About 18 hours later, I got up, took a shower and was more than ready to hit the trail again!

Yes, I felt like a total wimp for having to miss a day, however, I know that it was the right thing to do.



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