Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Not a Mornining Person!

This is it, my last post before leaving to begin my Camino de Santiago de Compostela. My dear friends Dick and Laura are coming by to load me and my stuff in their car then we are off to the airport...I can't wait. Did I mention that we're leaving at "ARE YOU KIDDING ME", early?
I am not a morning person...never have been...I'd like to be, those people seem to get a lot done before lunch. My experience, though is that I get the same amount done, but its usually several hours later. Can't sleep? Call me, I'm up, we can visit or play "words with friends"  or something. Anyway, we're leaving at about the time I often go to bed...gonna be interesting!I'm definitely not as prepared as I should be. Unfortunately, I injured my back a few weeks ago and have lost an unbelievable amount of the gains I've made in building up miles and endurance. Mentally, that is weighing on me, spiritually, however, I'm very excited. I'm travelling with friends and am looking forward to new sights, sounds, tastes and adventures.

When last I posted, I mentioned that I had no real expectation or cause for which I was walking. Honestly, that kind of bothered me so I've spent some time thinking about it. I've decided to walk for some people who are near and dear to my heart who suffer from depression. I can not imagine the hell that they live in when they are in when they find themselves "in the grey" or when the light goes out of their spirit. We've lost a family member who couldn't fight against these demons any longer and chose to end the fighting. Another family member continues to fight and realizes that its gonna be a life-long struggle. A very dear friend has been fighting this terrible condition for years and has endured countless medical interventions in the fight and continues to do so to the present.  So, as I walk, think, pray and experience this amazing journey, I do so for those close to my hearts, and will say a prayer for their healing along the way.

Its time to finish packing so I'm gonna make this one short.
Stay tuned as I travel along "The Way."



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