Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting Ready to Make My Way

It's been quite a while since I've shared any of our adventures with you and I'll somehow get you caught up with the "happenings" in our little neck of the world soon, (or eventually), really...no kidding...honest...maybe...if I get a chance...or take time to sit and type...yep definitely! Just as soon as I get around to it! I promise...

ANYWAY, in about a week, "I'm leaving on a jet plane..."and heading to Spain. After a couple of days in Madrid, hopefully getting jet lag behind me, some dear friends and I will begin walking our "Camino."

The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James,
is the name the pilgrimage route, to the shrine of the apostle
St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
in Galicia in northwestern Spain. Where, according to legend, (or tradition, or folklore, or whatever), the remains of the saint are buried. (Although its been awhile since I've posted to this blog, you'll remember that I just can't help myself from giving you lessons in history, science, etc.). The most popular route actually begins in France and covers approximately 800km, (497 miles). We're NOT doing that one...at least not this year. We're beginning our Camino near Astorga. We'll do the last 100ish miles in about a week.

So, I know you are asking yourself, "Self, what the hell is Lois thinking? Has she completely taken leave of her senses? Is she attempting to escape the folks in the little white coats who have been trying to come take her to live in the special room covered in pillows?"

The answer to all of those is: I don't really think I thought this through. As you have probably gleaned from many of my passed adventures, if someone starts a question, directed near me, that starts with "hey, do you wanna go..." I tend to say uh, "YES!!!" before they even finish the question. My wanderlust is legendary and my sense of adventure is nearly limitless. So, a few years ago when my, then co-worker and now friend, Angela suggested that we hike the Camino, I was all in. Then, I had to research what the heck I had agreed to...typical! Anyway, life happened, as it often does, and we didn't get to Spain so fast-forward about eight years and we're going.

For my Catholic friends, I wish I could say that I'm drawn to the Camino as a Spiritual Pilgrimage or that I am interested in earning an indulgence but, frankly, I'd be lying and that would defeat the purpose of the walk if I was going for those things but lied about it, or something.(?) (Don't you wish I'd proof read my writings before I posted them?) To be honest, I'm torn. While I am fascinated with the religious aspects of the journey, I think I'm more drawn to a more universal spirituality therewith. I am not looking for some type of "enlightenment," (I probably wouldn't recognize enlightenment if it slapped me in the face).

I'm going for the adventure, comradery with great friends and the opportunity to meet some interesting people along the way. I am looking forward to immersing myself in the Spanish countryside, visiting small villages and, absolutely tasting lots of local wine...could this be my real calling????

So, look for posts along the way, no pun intended.


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