Sunday, November 30, 2014

Yes, Virginia, It Is a Wonderful Life!

Well, I might as well tell you, I am a "closet, wimpy, sappy, sucker-for-a-happy-ending, hopeful romantic"...there, now you know.  I say hopeful, because, I really believe, to my core, that good will always conquer evil; that love will always find a way; and that if the sensationalists media were to somehow disappear, we'd all find ourselves much more tolerant and much less judgmental. But, again, I've gotten a bit ahead of myself...

This past week, one of the television networks, broadcast a version of the story, "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Clause." So, being the "closet, wimpy, sappy, sucker-for-a-happy-ending, hopeful romantic", I watched it.... At the conclusion, I thought WOW, wouldn't it be miraculously fabulous if news outlets could not print, say, broadcast, etc. anything that wasn't true? I mean, where would we be without the half-truths, suppositions, innuendos, and mis-direction that are too commonly found today? Of course, any self-respecting, "closet, wimpy, sappy, sucker-for-a-happy-ending, hopeful romantic" would not have missed the bigger story of hope and faith and, I confess, I might have had to wipe a joy-filled tear, but the idea of an "only report the truth" quickly made it to the top of my Christmas Wish List!
Then, speaking of stories of hope and faith and joy, Mom, one of her girlfriends; Mallory and her mom and grandmother; and I all went to see a musical version of the Christmas Classic, "It's a Wonderful Life" which was performed at our local theater by local actors. It was beautifully done. Maybe its the season, (we are actually celebrating the first day of Advent today), but the voices in my head are telling me to slow down. They are saying that we should pay more attention to finding the good, to giving what we can--maybe especially more of ourselves and our time and our talents to those friends and family and neighbors who need it. Near the end of the musical, when George learns how his life had had such a profound impact on others, the "closet, wimpy, sappy, sucker-for-a-happy-ending, hopeful romantic", once again thought of what a wonderful gift we could give to those we love if we gave more of ourselves...
I know, I'm being a bit of a "Polly Anna" here but you must would indeed be a "Wonderful World" if we were all just a little nicer, and a little more understanding, and a little more tolerant...
As the busyness of the year begins, please accept our heartfelt wishes, from our family to yours, for a most Blessed and Merry Christmas.

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