Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FORE! or is it FOUR!?

If you've read many of my earlier blogs, you'll recall that I've mentioned that Haime LOVES golf, and that Thursdays are one of his "holy days of obligation," that is, he and his "lifetime" golfing buddies play on Thursdays (and Saturdays). When they were all part of the working world, I understood that Thursday was the day of the week that they could all get off work at noon(ish) and get in a round of golf before dark. Now, they are all retired old geezers (adorable geezers, mostly) and could really play anytime they wanted to but, Thursdays are their traditional "golf days." I guess you just shouldn't mess with tradition. 

Well, this week, several of the guys had something "come up" that made it impossible for them to play. Well, Haime and I have not played golf together in YEARS, so, I decided that today was the day to change that. So we hit the "links."  

We went to play at a little 9-hole course in a nearby town because, since we just planned this "spur-of-the-moment" outing, we couldn't get a decent tee-time from our local courses. We played this course together 20+ years ago and decided it would be fun. The course really has everything a golfer would want on a course: water (a river runs through it...sort of), long fairways, interesting par 3's and topographical changes as well.  The other good thing about this course is that it was not crowded. I mean, there were only two other pairs on the course when we arrived and another foursome started playing when we were on the third tee...perfect!

Haime asked how long it had been since I had played a round (of attention and keep your mind on the subject at hand, please). Actually, I had played last year in October for my birthday. My older son, Chipper had treated me to a game and we had a blast! One of the good things about not playing regularly is that I seem to have forgotten some of my bad habits from years ago when I played a couple of times a week, (like, not with, Haime). I was overall pleased with my round and honestly, Haime and I had fun together. (SURPRISE!)

As a treat, we decided to have lunch at the "Luling City Market." If you have ever seen the Texas bar-b-que specials on the food networks, you have seen or heard of this place. It is honestly like going back in time. The smoke in the back room, where you select your choices of meats, is so thick, I guarantee you that you could carve your initials in it. If your mouth doesn't start watering from the smells as you walk toward the front door, check your pulse! Personally, I think their ribs are their best meat. However, their sauce!...would make liver almost palatable! This stuff is like liquid gotta getcha some!

All-in-all, it was a great day. Especially since Haime got home early enough to have his afternoon nap...



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